• Purshasing a ticket

    • How do I print my ticket?

      Once your order is confirmed you receive:
      •    a confirmation e-mail, issued by bus-et-clic.com containing a payment receipt
      •    an email with your invoice on which appear the number and the content of your order
      •    an e-mail with your tickets attached

      The bus-et-clic.com web page displays a payment confirmation view with booking and travel details. 
      You can click on the ‘Ticket’ tab to open and print the electronic travel ticket(s) in PDF format. 

      If ever an internet connection problem occurs before the e-tickets can be printed, you simply return onto the bus-et-clic.com booking engine and sign in to your account again. You can then view your orders and print your travel ticket(s) by clicking on the purchased product. 

    • How do I book a seat? 

      Aérocar tickets are available:

      • On our website www.aerocar.fr (preferential prices)
      • Directly from the driver on board the coach 
      • At our different points of sale:
        • Grenoble coach station
        • Chambéry coach station
        • VFD agency in Bourg d’Oisans 
        • Visitors Center agency at arrivals in Geneva airport. 
        • Travel agencies (see list at www.aerocar.fr)
    • Can I pay for my ticket using an e-carte bleue (French e-debit card system)?

      You can pay online using the e-carte bleue system. However, as these cards have a short-term validity period, you cannot cancel your order on the website up to 10 hours before departure as with other payment methods.

      To cancel a ticket, please send us a request in writing 48 hours before the departure date (postmark taken as proof) to the following address:

      VFD - Service Réclamations clients
      14 rue du Lac  - 38120 Saint Egrève

    • Free travel is available for children up to what age?

      Children under four can travel for free within the limits of available places. Children of four and above must have a 4-12 yr old child travel ticket

    • How much time in advance do I need to book?

      You can book up until 15 minutes before the coach departure time. However, we strongly advise you to book well in advance (at least 10 days before), especially during the school holiday periods, to be guaranteed a seat on board.

    • Is my online payment really secure?

      We use the PayBox payment solution that is entirely encrypted and protected. Your banker’s card number is not printed in any paper or digital format and does not appear in any email back office or file. VFD does not have access to your banker’s card number.

    • Are there extra check-in procedures for tickets bought online?

      When your booking is confirmed online, your seats on board the coach are reserved thanks to a link between our online booking engine and our operating site. As a result, there are no extra check-in procedures if you book online.

    • What payment methods can I use on board?

      Only payments in euros are accepted.
      On board Aérocar vehicles, the driver accepts:

      • Cash
      • French cheques
      • Debit cards (+American Express)
      •  French holiday vouchers 
    • Do I have to print my tickets out? 

      You can now show your ticket at boarding on an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). 

  • Tickets changes and refunds

    • I want to cancel and be refunded for my online order. What do I have to do?

      a.    You may cancel your ticket order and be refunded directly online. 

      •    Ticket orders may be cancelled and refunded as of the day after the purchase (after midnight on the day of purchase). 
      •    Ticket orders must be cancelled at least ten hours before the earliest of the departure times indicated on the tickets purchased within that order.
      •     Any 'last minute' bookings, made within ten hours of the coach departure time, cannot be cancelled or refunded.
      •    Online ticket order cancellation and refunding is free of charge and irreversible. 
      •    If a ticket is cancelled, all the tickets contained in the same order are cancelled and refunded.

      Procedures for cancellation and refund of an online purchase 

      •    Sign in to your account on the www.bus-et-clic.com website with the email address and password you used when booking. (Padlock icon, top right)
      •    Open your account order history 
      •    Open ‘Order details’ for the order to be cancelled 
      •    Click on the ‘Cancel order’ button at the bottom of the order. 

      Confirmation of cancellations and refunds 

      You receive the following in your inbox: 

      •    Confirmation that your has been cancelled 
      •    Confirmation that your order has been refunded. The refunded amount should appear in your bank account within 48 hours. 

      b.    Cancellation and refund request via post

      You may cancel your order and request a refund for non-used travel tickets in writing, 48 hours before the coach departure time (postmark taken as proof of postage). The travel tickets must be sent with the request. 
      The letter must be addressed to: 
      VFD - Service Réclamations clients - 14 rue du Lac  - 38120 Saint Egrève

      The cancellation request will be processed as soon as VFD receives your letter.

      No refund can be made if the date the cancellation request is received falls after the projected journey departure date(s). You will hence be subject to Article 9 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

      Cancellation and refund will be applied to all the tickets contained in the same order (e.g. a 'Return' ticket may not be partially cancelled).

    • Can I modify my order? If so, how?

      You can change ticket bookings. 


      • Changes to bookings are free of charge. 
      • Amendments may be made up to ten hours before the departure time on the ticket (ticket amendments cannot be made online at  www.transaltitude.fr for 'last minute' bookings made within ten hours of the coach departure time).
      • A booking may only be changed for the same type of booking in terms of travel, prices and overall price. 
      • You may part exchange tickets within the same ticket order (e.g. for a return ticket, customers may exchange just the outward or just the return journey, or both.). 
      • Changes to a booking may only be made if the ticket to be changed is still on sale (in compliance with the sales terms applicable on websites and at points of sale). 
      • Tickets may not be changed if they are included in a SKILIGNE OFFER or are on PROMOTION (one-off discount, etc.).
      • The original tickets that have been changed are rendered null and void in the online database system and will be refused if used for travel.

      A booking made online can be changed: 

      • Online 
      • At a ticket agent’s 

      Procedures for making changes online 

      If you purchased your tickets online: 

      • Sign in to your account on the www.bus-et-clic.com website with the email address and password you used when booking. (Lock icon, top right)
      • Open your account order history 
      • Opens the ‘Order details’ for the order to be cancelled
      • Select the ‘Exchange’ option at the end of the order 

      If you want to change a booking at a ticket agent’s or via a Call Centre, you must give the order reference and indicate which tickets need to be exchanged. 

    • If my flight is delayed and I miss my coach, do I have to purchase another ticket?

      If your flight is delayed and you cannot board the coach on which you booked a seat, please go directly to the driver of the following coach.

      This driver will allow you to board if there are still seats available.

  • Other questions

    • How long will my journey take?

      Grenoble Oxford <> Geneva Airport  : 2H30
      Grenoble Gare routière   <> Geneva Airport  t : 2H15
      Crolles « Le Rafour » <> Geneva Airport  : 1H55
      Chambéry <> Geneva Airport : 1H15

    •  How do I send you a suggestion or make a claim?

      We are committed to improving the quality of our services, so please send any suggestions or claims to the following addresses:

      • In writing to: VFD Service Relation Clients - 14 rue du Lac 38120 Saint Egrève FRANCE
      • Via email using the online contact form available at contact.aerocar@vfd.fr 
    • As a business, can we get an invoice?

      To get an invoice, return to your order (by signing in to your customer account at www.bus-et-clic.com) and click on ‘Print invoice’ at the top right of the screen.

    • Can I take my pet on the coach?

      Our Terms and Conditions of Sale clearly state that pets may not be carried on board Aérocar coaches. However, guide dogs for people with reduced mobility are authorised. Please notify us by sending an email to: contact.aerocar@vfd.fr.

    • My child is under 18 and travelling alone on the coach - what is the procedure?

      Children under 18 travelling alone or unaccompanied by a legal guardian:

      Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied at coach departure and met at coach arrival by a legal guardian. The child’s legal guardian needs to send an email tocontact.aerocar@vfd.fr as soon as possible before the date the child will be travelling, to obtain the liability waiver form. This form needs to be completed and presented to the coach driver on the day of travel.

      As of 15 January 2017, any child under the age of 18 travelling alone or unaccompanied by a legal guardian may not leave French territory without an exit permit. The exit permit is required for all children under the age of 18 and living in France, irrespective of their nationality. This exit permit, French Cerfa form no.15646*04, must be filled in and signed by the child’s legal guardian and a photocopy of the signatory’s identity papers (valid or expired less than five years ago) is also required. For more information, please visit the www.service-public.frwebsite.

    • Where can I board this service?

      Photos and GPS coordinates can be found in the ‘Stops’ section of our website, www.aerocar.fr

    • Can I use Aérocar even if I’m not taking the plane? 


      The Aérocar service is open to all. You can use the service to get to Geneva airport, but also to the centre of Geneva by taking the train that runs from the airport to the city centre.

    • What if I lose something on board a coach?

      If you lose something on board a coach, please send us an email with your phone details and a clear description of the lost possession to contact.aerocar@vfd.fr.
      We will send you a reply as soon as we can.  

    • What is Aerocar?

      Aérocar is a coach service to Geneva airport from Grenoble, Crolles and Chambéry running every day of the year with  two return journeys a day this summer 2021.

  • Timetables and bus stops

  • Luggage

    • How much luggage can I take? 

      All Aérocar tickets include a free per passenger luggage allowance which consists of and cannot exceed the following: one standard-sized suitcase or travel bag with a maximum weight of 30 kg (stored in the baggage hold) + one piece of hand luggage (stored in the overhead rack). Any additional luggage or any oversized or overweight luggage shall be charged according to the going rates.

    • What does ‘over-sized luggage’ include? What do I have to to if travelling with this type of luggage?

      Non-standard or over-sized luggage incurs a surcharge of €16.00 per piece. It is accepted if there is space available.
      Passengers may book and pay for hold space at www.aerocar.fr at the same time as they book their travel tickets. The surcharge may also be paid on board to the driver. 
      Bikes, bike trailers, trunks, or baggage exceeding the authorised dimensions and/or weight are considered as 'non-standard' or 'over-sized' luggage.

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  • Fares